Malo e Lelei from Tonga

Malo e Lelei from Tonga

Malo e Lelei from the beautiful island kingdom of Tonga!

We are here as a family for my husband's family reunion and I must say, I have been pleasantly surprised by the beauty of Tonga. I really don't know what I was expecting, but I definitely wasn't expecting this for some reason. Check out the beautiful clear waters!

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Not only that, but their beaches are secluded! Like completely empty. Truly a beach lovers heaven!


I would go on, but to prevent this from turning in to a travel post, I'm going to stop here. (You can refer to my travel page for all of those details.) I just wanted to simply update that we made it and we are so happy to be reunited with family. 

We are, of course, not working out and not eating healthy, but at least I haven't been "eating out." It's the strangest thing, but luckily for me, there are no fast food restaurants here. No McDonald's, no Burger King, no Jack in the Box, nothing. That-a-way to keep me from eating out! Haha. (No temptations here.) However, we have been snacking a lot. All we really see are little stores on the side of the road with just a few simple snacks, and that's pretty much it! There is a plethora of Tongan food at the reunion, of course, but a lot of it has seafood incorporated in to it, so we really haven't been eating much of it, to be honest. So just chips and cookies, it is. Not ideal, but hey, it is what is is when you are on a tiny island (with limited supplies/places to eat) in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

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Better luck in the eating healthy department next trip. :) Xoxo!