Road to Tahoe

This past weekend I worked a flight to Sacramento and the hubby met up with me there from Texas. Since his birthday was a couple of days prior, we decided to make this weekend his "birthday weekend."

He honestly didn't want to do much but rest and eat, however, I had other plans in mind. I just couldn't see us wasting this precious time alone so I planned a lil road trip for us. We went to none other than Lake Tahoe!

We both had never been before so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for us to go. I always hear about flight attendants going there to snowboard, so I knew it was definitely possible. It was about a 2 hour drive away, but first I have to talk about the pit stop we made. 

About 45 minutes in to the drive we fell upon the cutest Mom-and-Pop Diner called The Buttercup Pantry located in Placerville, California. It was super cute and we loved the old fashioned early to mid-1900's decor. It was filled with all kinds of American memorabilia and antiques. (You can check out our video to see just some of the details.)

As for the food, we ordered breakfast so we can't speak for everything, but what we did order, we loved! You can't go wrong with a traditional breakfast burrito (topped with enchilada sauce) and a classic breakfast sandwich. I think my favorite thing, however, was the name of the sandwich. I can't even remember the name of my burrito, but I will never forget the name of that Road to Tahoe breakfast sandwich. So clever, creative and catchy! The food was delicious and the serving sizes huge! I couldn't even finish my burrito and had to eat the rest later on in the day. Even the pastries were huge! Everything looked so delicious. I wish we could've ate all three of our meals there that day, but since we couldn't we will definitely be back again the next time we are driving through (because trust, we will be going again and again, I already know it). 

I definitely recommend this place if you are visiting or driving through and I give it two thumbs up. You just can't beat that small town "homey" feel Buttercup Pantry has to offer, not to mention their excellent customer service. Literally the most warm and welcoming people/strangers I have ever met. As we were recording a lady even asked if our lil go pro was a camera (since she saw Spencer speaking in to it) and when he said, "Yes!" she was so surprised and said, "Wow!" as if she had never heard of it before. She also said that it was cute. We giggled at that and it confirmed to us even more that we really were in a small country town. Loved it!

Old School Coca Cola Sign

Old School Coca Cola Sign

With a fellow flight attendant friend, Tiffany, who hitched a ride to Lake Tahoe with us.

With a fellow flight attendant friend, Tiffany, who hitched a ride to Lake Tahoe with us.

Secondly, I have to talk about the drive. It was GORGEOUS and I am not exaggerating when I say that. The entire drive from beginning to end was breathtaking and it had us ooh-ing and aah-ing the entire way. I don't know how many times I said, "This is so beautiful" as we drove along, but I know I said it a lot. We finally decided to stop and take a picture with the scenery at one point. It was hard to choose a spot, but we finally got one. We had to get at least one picture!


Just imagine pine trees galore, a rushing river, snow spotted mountains and sporadic log cabins. Need I say more?


So when we finally arrived in South Tahoe we didn't even have a plan of what we were going to do or where we were going to go (most of the times when we travel by ourselves we are very spontaneous without a plan or care in the world), so we just turned in somewhere, parked and walked around. The place we turned in to just so happened to be a beautiful luxury resort: The Lodge at Edgewood Tahoe. And let me tell you, it was pristine. 


We even ended up walking to the back side that offers a view of the lake and it was breathtaking. The cherry on top was having a fireplace to sit in front of to keep us warm while we relaxed and enjoyed the view.


After visiting there, we left in search of Emerald Bay, a recommendation given to us by the concierge at Edgewood. And boy was she right about how beautiful that Bay was. We pulled over on the side of the road before even making it to try to capture its beauty.


It even started snowing right as we got out. It was a light snow so just perfect to go along with the scenery. 


After driving around to an actual view point, we got out to get an even better view and wow, just wow! Look at that! It was suuuuper windy up there, but absolutely gorgeous! Totally worth the windy and cold weather. 


By then we were hungry again and ready to eat, so we went to Heavenly Village, also by recommendation. There were tons of shops to browse, a variety of restaurants to eat at and the bottom entrance of a gondola. There is also a restaurant there called Fire + Ice, which is where we were actually recommended to go to (from Tiffany, a local to Sacramento). There were three huge fire pits with big wooden chairs surrounding them right outside of the restaurant where you can get warm and toasty at. I loved how you really are experiencing the two opposites at one time. You are outside freezing from the ice cold temps, yet somehow being warmed up by the fire right in front of you. Not only that, but when you go inside you'll see that it is an interactive experience. You can create your own meal concoctions by all of the food provided at the buffet tables and then watch them grill it for you right before your very eyes. We had planned to eat there, but after going inside and seeing as it was the dinner rush hour, we decided not to, but maybe next time? And as a word of caution/advice, my money-saving tip of the day is to go during the lunch hour for a much cheaper pricing option. The dinner was a little too pricey for my taste, but the lunch price I can do. :) ($14.99 compared to $26.99)

So where did we eat at then? Well at good ole Applebees. We have both been to Applebees several times before, but it is not a common place for us to eat at. It's quite rare, actually, so when we saw it right down the street we thought, why not? We were both in the mood for pasta for some reason (which is normal for Spencer, but not so normal for me). Spencer is the true pasta lover, but since this was his birthday weekend I guess it made sense for me to follow suit and get pasta as well.

The best part of the night, however, was surprising him with their birthday singing (or shouting, I should say). He was so surprised and totally calling me a witch (but with a smile on his face) as they were singing. His facials were seriously hilarious. You'll just have to see it for yourself on the video though. I really got him. Even afterwards he was asking me, 'when did you tell them?' 'How did you do that?' It was so funny. He didn't have a clue. In fact, when he saw them walking over and singing he was smiling because he was thinking it was for the kid at the table next to us, but then when they walked past him he figured it out and knew it was for him. He was totally shocked and embarrassed and the best part is that you can totally tell in the video. 

What a fun, yet simple birthday outing/layover we had together. I love just going with the flow and being spontaneous like that sometimes. It takes the stress of planning away and you just do what you feel like doing in the moment. It's nice to just go with how you're feeling every once in a while. I mean, yeah, you can't get as much done usually, but you can definitely enjoy the moments more. Happy Birthday, love. Another year older, another year wiser. ;) Love you to Tahoe and back! XO.