Vegas Layover // Our Valentines Date

Had another great layover this weekend with the hubby and we couldn't help but talk about how blessed we are to actually be able to live a life that we LOVE! It is all too common for people to work to survive, but since life is short we have no time but NOW to LIVE and we should be living each day "doing what we love, with the people we love" (quote from Grey's Anatomy's Miranda Bailey). 

As for this work weekend, I worked the red eye flight to Vegas Friday night and Spencer met me here shortly after I arrived in the morning. I was dead so we rested for a few hours before going to our friends "Las Vegas Chapel Wedding" on the strip (yes, like the ones you see on the movies), then it was Shake Shack for lunch, shopping for me (my Valentines gift) and back to the hotel to chill and watch movies in the room. It was so nice to have more of a relaxing weekend with the hubs this time. Now I'm about to head back home. Loved our weekend date! Thanks for spoiling me, babe. 

P.S. I gotta give it up for my patient hubby. Not once did he complain or come in to try and stop me or tell me to hurry up. (At least not to my face.) Now that's LOVE! Love this man of mine. Happy *almost* love day!  Xoxo!

P.S. My top food recommendation in Las Vegas is, hands down, Shake Shack! It is found in the New York New York section of Las Vegas and I love that I can get me a Shake Shack burger without actually having to fly all the way to New York now. This is seriously a game changer. I order the Shack Burger, Bacon and Cheese Fries and usually an Oreo Shake. However, like I said in the video, you can't go wrong with a classic Chocolate Shake either. :) What I love about these burgers it that they are so juicy and the bread is so soft. I'm telling you, it's the bomb! I once heard someone explain to a friend that Shake Shack was the In-n-Out of the East Coast, but ugh, that couldn't be further from the truth. I was actually offended by the comment because Shake Shack is so. much. better. The only thing good about In-n-Out is the pricing, but other than that, it ain't nothin' special. (At least to me it isn't.) Shake Shack, however, produces a quality burger, so do yourself a favor and try it out for yourself. You won't be disappointed. P.P.S. Sorry if I offended any of you In-n-Out lovers out there. I'm not an In-n-Out hater, I am just a Shake Shack lover! Hehe. 

Lastly, if anyone wants to know what MAC products I use, feel free to leave a comment asking and I will definitely share. I've been a MAC user and lover since I first started wearing make up (back in my pageant/modeling/dancing days). I am the epitome of loyal. Not sure I know of anyone that only uses one brand of makeup. That's huge, am I right?