San Francisco // 1st Homeschool Field Trip

"Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work." -C.S. Lewis

There have been some changes in our family recently—changes that I have been resisting for quite some time now—but I finally let courage win and fear lose and I can already see and feel the blessings of that change. Sometimes change can be scary and sometimes change can be uncomfortable, but without change there cannot be growth. So here’s to letting go of fear and going forward with faith, because “sometimes what you are most afraid of doing, is the very thing that will set you free.”

Week 1 of homeschooling down and we decided to kick it off with a field trip (also my 3rd work trip)! We visited Pier 39, saw tons of sea lions, learned about Alcatraz, rode on a carousel, tried out Oreo churros, rode the hills of San Francisco (including Lombard Street, the “crooked” street) and of course, marveled at the Golden Gate Bridge. 

The difference between this trip and our other trips was that we actually focused on making it a learning experience for our children and it made our trip that much better! Not only did the kids learn new things, but we did too! I was pleasantly surprised by how well it went and it made me think back on all of the trips we've taken in the past and all the missed opportunities for learning that we passed up. We are a tad bummed that we didn't take full advantage of each and every trip, however, now that we know, we are not going to pass up any more opportunities like this again. There is learning to be had in every single moment of travel and I am so thankful for this change of mindset. All it took was changing our mindset of our travels being "field trip based" vs. "vacation based" and wow, what a difference! Here is a short clip of me quizzing the kids after I taught them about sea lions. I love how excited they were to learn in real life. What a blessing it is for them to learn this way. 

Loved having my entire family with me on my layover this President's Day weekend and loved the quality family time we had on this specific trip. We are truly blessed. Oh, and I cannot go without thanking big Daddy for holdin’ it down on the flight like a BOSS with these 4 little monkeys. Since I was working the flight I couldn't help much, but he handled it like a champ. He the real MVP, y'all! I hope our kids know how very much we love them. Hugs and kisses, my babies.

P.S. If you think I knew a thing about sea lions, I didn't. There were posters on the wall explaining everything about them. It included the history of when they first came to the pier and why, it had information about what time of the year they come and go, as well as general facts. The thing is, there are opportunities to learn everywhere you go (thanks to posters, signs, plaques, etc.)….if you but pay attention! Lol.

It's amazing what a shift in mindset can do. Here's to learning more wherever we go. Do you pay attention to the details? How do you find learning experiences wherever you go? Feel free to share your thoughts. Xo!