Cheer Competition in Florida

When I was in Intermediate School, my friend Rachel and I were assistant coaches for the Ko'olauloa Pop Warner Cheerleaders. We had a real passion for cheering at the time and enjoyed coaching the younger girls. That year our girls did so good, they won at the state level and qualified to go to the National Cheer Competition in Florida.

So of course, we went. We weren't going to pass up an opportunity to go to Disney World! Although we weren't "competitive" there (we were a tiny team compared to the rest), it was such a fun experience! The best part, of course, was going around to the theme parks with other Pop Warner cheerleaders and football players from around the country. It was so much fun! We even got to stay in the Disney Resort. Talk about lucky! 

I'll have to dig up some old pictures to add to this post, but until then this will have to do. :)

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Published April 2017