My 1st Job - A Travel Job

At the age of 14, I became a member of the Polynesian Cultural Center's Promotional Team. The funny thing is, I wasn't trying to work and wasn't looking for a job at the time, but was incredibly blessed with this opportunity, thanks to my May Day Court audition in 9th grade. I guess I was just in the right place, at the right time, with the right person watching (judging actually). ;) 

Apparently this certain someone asked about me afterward and was able to get a hold of my Mom. From there the two of them scheduled an interview for me. Then later when my Mom told me about the interview, I didn't even know what it was for. All I was thinking was, 'YES, I WANT A JOB' and 'YES, I WANT MY OWN MONEY!' I was at that phase where I would do anything to have my own money, to buy my own things. I was SO down, but little did I know I was walking through the doors to interview for one of the best jobs everrrr! No, like seriously best. job. ever. I was ecstatic when I found out (during the interview) what the job actually was. AND without hesitation, I said, "YES!" Being able to get paid to do what I love {DANCE} on top of being able to TRAVEL too, just seemed like a no brainer to me. I mean, who wouldn't take that job?!

And thus, my travel life began.....

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Published April 2017