Thanksgiving in Rancho

For Thanksgiving break I went on a road trip with my roommates, some friends and new fiance ;) to Rancho Cucamonga, California. We spent Thanksgiving with the Goedel Family and it was so much fun! This was only a few weeks before our wedding though, so it was still a bit hectic for a break, but we still had plenty of fun! Even amongst the bridesmaids shoes shopping, the constant calls to our families back at home, and sending out wedding invites, this was the break we had been waiting for. The best part of all, though, was the great company we had. There was nothing but laughs with our friends and love from the family. The Goedels were the best hosts treating us as if we were their own. Felt just like home. 

So the Goedels have a tradition of playing flag football with some of the young men in the ward the morning of Thanksgiving, so some of us played, while some of us sat on the side and watched (ahem). Lol! I am sorry, but I was in no mood to be active after a stressful week of school and wedding prepping. Not to mention the long road trip my body is not accustomed to. They were lucky I even got out of bed that morning! Haha!

They also have a tradition of passing out Thanksgiving dinners for the elderly and disabled.  The service is actually put on by The Salvation Army and we are basically just the arms and legs that gets the food to wherever it needs to go. We just went to this location, picked up the bags, and delivered them to the people. It felt so good to start off our day doing service for others. 

After returning back, it was Thanksgiving dinner time. The food was delicious and we were so grateful to be able to spend our Thanksgiving with such wonderful and amazing people. Seriously how did I get so blessed in this life?

After dinner, they have a tradition of putting on a talent show.  We did not know about this beforehand and each of us had to do something on the spot. Here, Spencer is introducing my dance to everyone. He played a Tahitian song from my laptop for me to dance to. Ashlynn and I also did a number together from Living Legends. Afterwards, he played the piano for his talent. (It was to one of the few songs he has memorized from his childhood. Lol!)

It was truly a wonderful Thanksgiving away from home. It literally couldn't have been better. Thank you, Goedel's, for making it a memorable one. 

Only 3 1/2 weeks away from getting married. So happy, so in love and sooo excited! #NewportBeachPier

Only 3 1/2 weeks away from getting married. So happy, so in love and sooo excited! #NewportBeachPier

Cover Image Courtesy of Pixabay