Dalian, China

And of all the places in the world to travel to for my first work trip (at only 15 years old mind you) it just had to be CHINA! The farthest most foreign place of all. Haha! But it was all good. I had my friend, Tiff, by my side & we were newbies together!

This was a quick trip with not too much extra time to explore, but I remember not liking any of the food and learning real quick that it's not chinese food that I like, but Chinese-AMERICAN food. You better believe I was sorely disappointed to find out that there was no orange chicken, no lemon chicken, or anything close to it. In fact, some of the food was still living when it was brought to the table. Eeeee! Total culture shock. I woooould say more, but it's probably better if I just leave it at that. Lol!

Anyways, guess what I have here....a major throwback! Here I am outside of the hotel we stayed in, Shangri-La.

IMG_0135 (1).JPG

Yeah, it's old school. But back then we were still using disposable cameras. Haha. Yikes! Makes me feel old. But I'll end with that for now. Xoxo!

City of Dalian, China

City of Dalian, China

Images courtesy of Pixabay

Published April 2017