Hollywood & Las Vegas

At one point in time I was interested in modeling & pageantry.

I started out with pageants, participating in a few local ones and even made it to internationals in Las Vegas for two of those years. I loved it and aspired to be Miss Hawaii one day. In the process of doing pageants, I found that I really liked the modeling part of it, so my Mom suggested I become a student of the Barbizon Modeling School in Honolulu to gain some real skills and training in modeling. So I did! And I, surprisingly, ended up doing pretty well and even won Model of the Year at the end of it! (Who woulda thought?) Then, I had the amazing opportunity to attend the IMTA (International Modeling and Talent Agency) Convention/Competition held in Los Angeles. It was so cool to see the process of how stars are born. People just like you and me are hand picked from events just like this one! It was so fun and so cool to be apart of and I actually got quite a bit of callbacks at the end of it. However, most (if not all) wanted me to relocate to L.A. or have me wait until I got a little bit older to work with them (I was only 14 at the time), but that was just not something I wanted to do. It was a little bit of a bummer, but I don't know what else I was thinking? To make it big time in modeling or acting, it makes sense that I'd need to be living where the action is, right?! But I guess my Mom and I just didn't think about that part of it, and after all was said and done, I decided that that life just wasn't for me. But it was a great experience and I learned some amazing life skills from it: how to walk poised, how to be (and look) professional, how to speak in public, how to interview, how to make friends, how to do make up, the list goes on and on. The best part is that those skills have helped me so much in my lifetime; it has helped me to land awesome jobs, to be comfortable speaking in public and it even helped me with all my years of dancing and traveling. And although it ended up being something I lost interest in as I got older, I am very grateful for the experience.

Here's a pic of the beautiful FLAMINGO HOTEL we stayed in when we went to Vegas for the Cinderella Pageant. Loved the LIGHTS! Staying in the heart of the city was definitely a good first time experience for me! :)

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Published May 2017