So besides living in Germany, Georgia and Hawaii, and traveling to France, Switzerland and Italy, by the time I was 12 years old, I could also say that I had been to TAHITI too. Holy amazing, right?!

So you may be thinking why Tahiti? Well, every 3 years our Temanaha Mo'o family reunion switches off between Hawaii, Tahiti and Utah and that year {1999} it was in TAHITI! It was mainly in Pape'ete, but we also went to Mo'orea for a day! And yes, it is as gorgeous as all of the pictures you see floating around on Pinterest and Google. The water is perfectly clear and glassy in all shades of blue and green, the waterfalls are amazingly beautiful and refreshing, and the markets colorful and busy! 

What I remember about Tahiti, besides the crystal clear waters, waterfall hikes and busy markets, was the coconut bread, the long skinny baguettes, pearls galore, topless women, trying to learn French, Tahitian dancing, a boat ride, Mo'orea, Mono'i oil, the Heiva, waterfall hikes, blow holes, staying with family, and "We're Going to Ibiza" (being played on repeat everywhere we went). Seriously the best summer everrrrrr!!

Pape'ete, Tahiti

Pape'ete, Tahiti

And although I am not the most deeply rooted in the Tahitian culture, I still feel a proud connection to it and am very proud to BE it. I grew up dancing Tahitian my entire life and because of that, I've had many learning opportunities and experiences to help foster that love for my culture. Not to mention, many a family gatherings to learn about our family's rich history in the Tuamotu Islands and of their eventual migration from Tahiti to Hawaii and the US Mainland (Utah). And I love that our Tupuna continues to do a great job of telling us stories of their past and of our ancestors. I know this kind of knowledge is priceless and it is something that I cherish very much. Thank you Grandpa Tehina, Uncle Opura, Aunty Mahana & Aunty Regina for always taking the time to teach us and for focusing on what matters most. Love my family so much!

Images courtesy of Pixabay

Published April 2017