There was a time period that we also lived in Georgia. Yeah, military life. It was somewhere in-between Germany, Hawaii & Germany again. It's all a little fuzzy now, but there it is. What drastically different places to live in in such a short span of time, but to be honest, I always thought that our traveling and moving to different places was pretty cool.

We lived in Hinesville and Fort Stewart.

Photo by jcarillet/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by jcarillet/iStock / Getty Images

I don't remember a ton about this place, but I do remember foggy mornings on the way to school, playing with shaving cream on our school desks and ALLIGATORS! Lots of alligators. We even have cool pictures of us sitting on huge ones at an alligator museum. Total Georgia, right?! Again, loved how different each of the places I lived were. 

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Published April 2017