“love the life you live, live the life you love.”


Something that I am very passionate about is life. I love life, I love living, and I love all of the different experiences we get to enjoy in this mortal experience. Of course it isn’t always rainbows and butterflies, but it is good most of the time and for that I am so grateful.

I believe that life is a gift and we should be living each day doing what we love, with the people we love. We should be living life on our own terms and if it means making changes in our lives--even drastic ones--then it is my hope that we all have the courage to take those steps to get there (even if it seems scary and uncomfortable), because "sometimes what you are most afraid of doing, is the very thing that will set you free." (Robert Tew)

This blog tells of my story, my passions, my work life, mom life, and all the things I am involved in with my community and church. It especially talks about my health journey and how I had success with losing weight after babies, and I hope you will find this blog relatable and helpful no matter where you are at on your own journey to self love and to living your best life!

As for me, I am living and loving life here in Hawaii and there is no where else in the world I'd rather be. I truly love my crazy mom life and all the highs and lows that come with it. I especially love living a healthy lifestyle and the feeling that comes with it. I love helping other women by being there to offer encouragement, to give suggestions, and to give the moral support that they need to succeed in their own health journeys. 

If there is any advice I could give, it would be to keep pushing forward wherever you may be in your own journey, to not compare yourself to others, and to not give up when times get hard. It’s not always going to be easy, but where there’s a will there’s a way. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to chat. Would love to hear from you. Xoxo!


Published April 2017


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Feature 1: RECOVERY

So my recovery from baby #2 has been night and day from my first recovery. I was already walking just a few short hours after giving birth and stopped taking meds fairly early. I've loved this recovery so much and I feel like now I could have more kids. (Not anytime soon, of course, but eventually.) After I had Hina it was the opposite. I did not want anymore because the recovery was so bad. In fact, I still felt pain....



In January 2014, we became members of the newly opened Crossfit Ko'olau. We were one of their first members and we loved it. We were so excited to finally have a "gym" in our area. Although it wasn't the typical workout that I was used to, I loved it. Yes, I died every day, but it was still a nice change from running around the community and it was nice to be a part of the new Crossfit Family. One of my favorite memories from that time was going to the....


Feature 3: the 21 day fix

Wow, ever since I began my new journey as a flight attendant, I have been so MIA from the health world. However, I am happy to report that I am finally back!

So a little recap. At 6 weeks postpartum, I started working out consistently again to 1.) get back in to shape and to 2.) lose the baby weight I gained. I would work out in our apartment gym and eat healthy, but that honestly only lasted for about a month and a half because ever since....