Volleyball Mom Life Begins

So it has begun......Volleyball Mom Life!!!

My daughter has been fortunate enough to start volleyball this year--thanks to the amazing Coach Mona AhHoy--and we feel incredibly blessed for her to be starting this journey so young (at only 7 years old)! 

And since I can already see a long future of volleyball ahead, I figured I'd get some recordings of her now while she's young. I am definitely a proud Volleyball Mom and I am so excited for her future and all that will come with this journey. The best part is that she loves it! Like really loves it. And that makes me so happy! Doesn't hurt that she is actually very good at it too. Her coaches have told me that she is a natural and is doing little things that kids her age usually can't pick up yet. So proud of her! She is definitely our pride and joy. 


A little vlog from this past Saturday aka my first experience as a volleyball Mom. SO IT BEGINS....

Oh, and please excuse the morning looks, the morning faces and the morning voices. We had to wake up at 5:30am so this definitely isn't me at my best, but it is what it is. Also, Spencer was in Texas for work that week and was supposed to stay even longer, but it was time. (Cuz this Mama couldn't handle. Haha!) Lastly, Hina is the one in the pink knee pads! ;) (Thanks Aunty Milla!)