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Wow, what a month! Our family had three birthdays AND a baptism so it was busy, busy. Get ready for that #momlife stuff....

So on March 17th, our baby girl turned 8 years old. Her birthday fell on a volleyball Saturday though, so it started bright and early with her getting ready for her tournament. We met her there in town a little later and we made sure to bring cupcakes so her team could sing happy birthday to her afterwards. She loved it and was so happy!

Also, in our religion, when you turn 8 years old you are baptized, so since her baptism date wasn't for another week, we decided to wait until then to celebrate. 

Hina's Baptism Program Picture

Hina's Baptism Program Picture

We had originally planned a big BBQ beach party for her BIG 8 and for her baby brothers BIG ONE, however, we started experiencing really bad weather that week, so we cancelled the party and planned a last minute birthday stay-cation at the nearby Marriott instead. We invited her friends over to swim, then went up to the room for pizza and presents. It was so fun to see her light up with her friends; she was so happy!

That exact day also happened to be our baby's FIRST birthday so we spent the afternoon there at the pool with just him and our other son, Tainui, before the older kids came. We wanted to make sure our baby got some of that undivided attention too before the older kids took over.


A few clips from that evening:

Later, after all her friends left, we had two special visitors come over--both of Hina's grandmas! Grandma Ualani came to the hotel to make Hina's tiare heipo'o (that she would wear after the baptism) and Grandma Lucy came to do her slip fitting. She sewed it for her beforehand (without doing measurements prior), so it was a bit long, but she pinned it up so she could go home and make the necessary adjustments before the baptism.

Huge thank you to Grandma Ualani for making the heipo'o's (she ended up making me one too) and to Grandma Lucy for sewing the slip. Really loved this special moment in the hotel as a family with both of our Moms present to help with the final preparations. It was such a simple, but special moment for me to witness as a Mom. There is no one else in the world I would've wanted with us there in that moment than them. We are so blessed with loving and supportive mothers/grandmothers, something I don't take for granted.

Hinateata with Grandma Lucy

Hinateata with Grandma Lucy

The next morning was the big day, Hina's baptism day. We woke up bright and early to get ready and I love that we stayed in the hotel the night before because it made that next morning feel extra special. The thing is, that wasn't even something I had thought about beforehand when booking. I was just thinking of the birthday fun the kids would have with their friends, all the pool time they would get, and a room to open presents in. But little did I realize, it would make for an extra special baptism morning for our family.

It felt so good spending some time that night with our Moms, then putting everyone to bed with their little outfits set aside for the morning....and then just being able to get ready there in a nice hotel while helping Hina practice and recite her testimony. It really did add to the whole experience and I'm thinking we just started a new tradition, because now I can't imagine doing it any other way. I would love it if we could relive this experience with each of our children. It just felt so special and I want all of my children to have that exceptional experience as well.

It was peaceful....and calm....and spiritual, none of the things we typically feel when getting ready for church or to go to a special event. (Just being honest. Haha!) Not to mention, we had a place to eat refreshments at afterwards too! (Something that is not allowed at Hawaii chapels anymore.) It was seriously a win-win-win! The day couldn't have gone any better.

Here is a video I made of the special day. Luckily, Hina also got to experience this day with her best friend, Mateya. I'm glad they had each other, especially since they were both a little nervous. So special!


Happy Baptism Day & 8th Birthday to our daughter, Hinateata, and Happy 1st Birthday to our son, Moana Tamatea! Love you both so much. XOXO!


Oh, and about that third birthday.... It was my babes 32nd Birthday on April 1st, but since our oldest and youngest took all the limelight (and our money), we waited an extra week to celebrate him. (Sorry babe, haha!) So what did we do? Well I took him on my next layover with me and we spent it at none other than LAKE TAHOE--a first for both of us! Click here to check it out from the travel blog

And that's it! Three birthdays and a baptism for this Mama. As I said before, busy busy, but fun fun! These are the moments that make life special. Love my little fam and this #momlife I get to live. For any Mama's out there reading this, what do YOU love about Mom Life? Comment below. :) XO!