Family Surf Date + Service

Family Surf Date + Service

It has been so rainy lately. Like raining literally every day. So we figured we'd try to get a surf sesh in down in Waikiki again. I figured it'd be sunny on that side, and although it wasn't, at least it wasn't windy. On our side it has been rainy and windy, so this was still a win in our book!


So since it was all of us again, Spencer just took turns taking the kids out while I stayed on the side with the two babies. I was so happy to see Hina catching so many waves. She is getting better and more comfortable with it. Tristan usually only likes to do one or two and then he's good. The thing that makes me happiest, though, is having an activity that we can all do and enjoy together as a family. These are the moments that pull at my heart strings. Oh the memories my kids will have. 


The other reason I really wanted us to go to town was to do our Light the World service project. We are participating in the Light the World campaign this year (every day this time instead of randomly like we did last year) and the scripture for today was, "I was thirsty and ye gave me drink," so we figured we could take cases of water to a homeless shelter over there right after surfing.


It felt so good to do some service on our December Saturday, and I am so grateful to have a little bit of a guide to help direct us throughout the month. We always have the intention of doing service, but don't always get around to it. So thanks to this, we have several service projects already planned out. I just love this time of year!

Before I end, I just wanted to post a random video we recorded in the car right after we took our family pictures last week. We were all squished in the front of my car (yes, all 6 of us) and it was a moment we wanted to remember forever. What we got out of it was a little family update. :) It is our goal to start recording our family more when the new year arrives. There are just some moments that need to be captured. Aloha!