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Disney Run's THOR 10K

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Disney Run's THOR 10K

One week ago, this crazy friend of mine and I participated in the Disney Run Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend. There were three different races and we chose to participate in the Thor 10K!


We literally flew up and back just for this (which was crazy), but it was super fun too! We couldn't turn down Disney, a quick girls trip, and a chance to dress up, now could we? Plus we've been working extra hard in the gym to reach our mom bod goals, so we are proud to say that we accomplished THIS goal so far.

And who knew the time would fly by this fast?! We registered way back in March and I can't believe the time has now passed. Crazy, crazy, fun times though! Love my girl, Sina. I guess some things don't change. We still be playing dress up as grown adults with kids. Haha! Thanks for keepin' me young, girl.

Also, huge thanks to her for planning this. I didn't even know this existed!! And apparently there is also a Disney Princess Run and a Star Wars Run as well, so you better believe the next one on my list is the Princess Run. :) Anyone else wanna join? I already have a few girls wanting to get it on the next one. Yay! Excited.


Okay, so how did it all go down? Well first of all, the run was at 5am in the morning. 5AM! Not gonna lie, I'm not sure I would've actually went through with the purchase if I had known that little detail when I was registering for it. {Insert monkey covering eyes emoji.} I actually didn't find out it was at that time until a couple of days before the run. I think I even freaked out a little bit because I am so not a morning person, but you know what? It ended up adding a different feeling of fun and excitement to it than I am used to and that was everything! It was fun waking up when it was still dark outside and doing hair and make up with my girlfriend. I mean I can't even remember the last time I even slept over with a girl friend, let alone get dolled up and go to a run with one. Haha!

So back to what I was saying. The race was at 5am, so we woke up at 3am, left her aunty's house at 4am, picked up our bibs at 4:30am, and then it was time! It was actually so much fun running in the dark. Loved seeing the lights and the park lit up. It was a bit cold so we had to keep moving, but it was nice not having to worry about sweating. ;) By the time we were halfway done we made it to Disneyland and that is when we saw everything in the day light. {Cue happy dance.}


I also wanted to add that this is the 3rd organized race that I have participated in. The first one was the 4th of July Freedom 5K in Provo, Utah and the second was The Great Aloha Run here in Hawaii. Fun fact: these 3 races were all different lengths and in 3 different states. ;) And as a side note: I honestly thought that I would've been in way more runs than this by now, but such is life when you are a busy working Mom. 

Anyways, I have come to really enjoy participating in these and now I'm not sure I can do another one without dressing up again. Haha! That whole aspect of this run made it so much more fun and exciting, and I am looking forward to many more in the future!


Thanks again, Sina, for a fun day! Next time we are staying and going on rides in the park! ;)