Aloha! My name is Crystal, I live on the beautiful island of O'ahu, Hawaii, and I am here sharing my love of Hawaii, my life of travel, and my passion for living a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle with you—all while juggling a family, mom life, and work!

But first a little background. I was raised in Hawaii, went to college in the mainland, then moved back after finishing (in late 2012), and have been here ever since. I am married and have 4 beautiful children and am currently working as a Flight Attendant and on-call Physical Therapist Assistant. As you can probably imagine, LIFE IS BUSY, but because I do all of the things that I love regularly, I live a very fulfilling life.

I used to blog purely for documentation purposes (in my private family blog), but since we frequently have visitors that come here to Hawaii wanting to know what there is to do, where they should stay, where they should eat, etc. I figured a public blog would be more beneficial. Especially since we usually have to spend quite a bit of time typing stuff up for people and sending them links to different websites, anyways. The same goes for our travels. We are always being asked about the trips we've been on, where to go, what to do, etc. In addition to that, I often get asked a lot about weight loss after kids, how I maintain it, how I stay fit, and also questions about how I am able to “do it all” while being a Mom. (Specifically a young, busy, working Mom.)

So I thought, why not put all of these things in to one place, for not only us to enjoy and remember, but for others to benefit from as well. And that is how Floating Coco was born!

However, since those are three very different topics, I decided to separate the blogs so people can easily find what it is they are looking for when coming here. If it's fun things to do or yummy places to eat in Hawaii, you can easily access my Hawaii blog by clicking on my adventure link. If it is travel advice, you can easily access my Travel blog by clicking on the travel link. And if you are interested in learning more about my health journey or lifestyle, you can check out my Lifestyle blog by clicking on the lifestyle link. Thus I am a Local Blogger, a Travel Blogger, and a Lifestyle Blogger, and you should easily be able to access the information you are looking for with how I've set up my website.

Overall, it is my hope and desire to help inspire women to be their best selves and to lead their own lives of fulfillment, even (and especially) if you're a Mom! I also hope to encourage families to travel more, to take a chance on unconventional living, and to create a life that you truly love and are excited about each and every day. :)

Welcome to my blog! I hope you will find it enjoyable, helpful and relatable.

With much love and aloha,


Published April 2017


Photo Courtesy of Sydney Leung-wai

Photo Courtesy of Sydney Leung-wai

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